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DREAM MATRIX(Award-winning artwork)
  • DREAM MATRIX(Award-winning artwork)


    Acrylic painting, wooden frame on canvas 36"X48"/ 91.44cmX121.9cm

    All the people and things in the matrix are constantly changing, and the winning or losing of each grid is the same as a game. But after winning or losing, it will return to the original blank. There is no difference between dream and reality, they are all connected and changed like a matrix.

    36 inches X 36 inches wooden frame canvas, acrylic painting

    2022, January The painting review "Dream Matrix" won the prize in ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY's latest art competition: 4th ABSTRACT and participated in a group exhibition


    If you want to buy this piece, please contact us first to confirm if it is still available for sale. Because our work may be sold in multiple galleries or art auction houses at the same time, or displayed in out-of-state.
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